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The industry sector of the Zeppelin Group is among the leading manufacturers of plants for storing, conveying, blending, and dosing of premium bulk solids. Thanks to our world-wide activities and locations in all important industrial centers we can always provide our clients with the latest, most innovative and reliable technology to ensure maximum economic success.


As the direct successor of Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin who turned the human dream of flying into reality by building his legendary airships over a century ago, we are used to looking ahead. Constantly innovating, striving for perfection and maximum functionality in our products has turned us into the company that Zeppelin is known as today: the technology leader for handling premium bulk solids. With a complete range of products, professional consultancy and a customer-orientated service concept, Zeppelin commits itself to continuous efforts to achieve maximum performance, quality and reliability.


The Polymer Alliance – a new Zeppelin Systems cooperation to ensure your success! The Polymer Alliance supplies turn-key plants for the polymer producing industry – from extrusion to logistics. The cooperation of three partners with global reliability and proven competence focuses on only one aim: Your success! Since we want you to be the star of your industry! For complete systems from extruder to logistics – including conveying, storage, packaging and warehousing, click here to learn more...


ReimeltZeppelin Systems has a world-renowned expertise and well established reputation in the field of providing systems for dry and liquid raw materials handling. Zeppelin Systems is an acknowledged international market leader and is known for its extensive experience in process technology. As a plant supplier, Zeppelin Systems offers overall solutions which set a high standard at a very economic cost. The raw material logistics are of decisive importance for the quality of the end product  See Zeppelin Systems.


Henschel Mixers Henschel Mixing Technology, the division of Zeppelin Systems GmbH is the expert in mechanical process engineering. More than 20,000 supplied systems and numerous patents speak for the power of innovation for the lasting success in the market. We offer customized system solutions for applications in the chemical and in the plastic processing industry. We develop innovative systems and products which set up new standards - thus providing decisive advantage over the competition. See Henschel Mixing.