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Railcar Loading Systems

Combination of gravity flow and air-assisted flow will allow to design loading systems meeting today's and future requirements regarding capacity and filling efficiency. Selection of the optimum system depends on size of railcar, the bulk density and the permissible shipping weights.


Achieving the full load capacity in railcars is a major challenge for all industries shipping bulk solid products by rail. When pennies per ton can make the difference in a competitive commodity market, shipping costs are a critical issue. Squeezing the last five to ten percent into each railcar can have a significant and desirable effect.

Zeppelin's patented Railcar Loading System has proven to be effective in maximizing the filling of railcars with plastic pellets. Additional benefits of the Zeppelin System include:

  • Ease of operation: the unique telescoping spout is easily positioned and lowered into the railcar hatch.
  • Safety: the distribution of the product is accomplished using accelerated air, so there are no potentially hazardous moving parts or spinning devices.
  • Economical Operation: due to its unique design, all that is needed to spread the product is air from an auxiliary fan or from a conveying system.
  • Flexibility: the filling spouts are adjustable if necessary for variations in product, capacities, or railcar configuration.

Zeppelin Railcar Loading Systems